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The Divine Armour of God: Spiritual Weaponry for Daily Warfare

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The Divine Armour of God is a manuscript based on a specific passage of Scripture from The Bible, found in St. Paul�s letter to the Ephesians, chapter 6, verses 13-17. This text outlines the spiritual or Divine Armour made available to us as Christians, through our belief in Jesus� death and resurrection, and our faith. Like any armour, the purpose of this Divine Armour is protection in battle. The Divine Armour of God makes the analogy of the battle of our daily lives and shines a light on God�s gift of spiritual protection which takes the form of specific pieces of spiritual armour. The armour is a supernatural shield against negative influences and attacks, resulting in a divinely healthy, joyful and prosperous life. The purpose of The Divine Armour of God is to inform people of invaluable information contained in the Bible which does not seem to be widely known, even amongst Christians. This �information� is divinely ordained and the intent of writing this manuscript is to open up a new world for people that will be a revelation. The world is experiencing arguably unprecedented social, geopolitical and natural upheaval and The Divine Armour of God is intended as a daily manual of protection, inspiration and hope for times such as these. A sort of training manual, that when it is read, will qualify another Divine Soldier of God!

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